Montag, 11. Juni 2012

sewing for boys

isn't as easy as for girls, right?

You have all these great possibilities for girls, dresses, skirts, colorful and sparkling fabrics, dress them up, everything - but for boys? Another T-Shirt in teal?

I was really happy when I saw on Facebook that Rae from made by Rae was searching for pattern testers for her uber-cool Flashback-Skinny-T, in sizes for bigger kids. I applied, and I was chosen. Lucky me!

My oldest son was the first to receive a T-Shirt. Pretty concerned about his "street credit" (don't ask me, I don't know!) he wanted to have a plain black Shirt. How exciting, really....

Unfortunatly, I forgot to assemble the last piece of the sleeve pattern, so his Shirt turned out to be one with 3/4 sleeves - what he likes, actually. He plans to wear it under bis A's Baseball Jersey. Thank you so much, son. It was a pleasure to me.

Because it was so much fun to sew this shirt, and it didn't took long time either, I decided to make one for my younger son, too. thank god, he doesn't know anything about street credit!

Yes, these are sausage dogs on the fabric!

Then I thought it would be nice to have a picture with both boys and the shirts.

not possible to take one.

Rae made some adjustments to the pattern, and I made another one. I chose to make one for my younger son again. Not sure why *g*

This is my favorite shirt ever!

I really love this pattern very much, and I can't thank Rae again she gave it to me for testing. The pattern is ideal for slender boys, it fits great, and after printing the pattern and sewing it once, it literally takes you a mere hour to make one.

I had to buy the black knit fabric at JoAnns, but it is not so bad (it actually is so stretchy that I managed to squeeze myself into it!), but last week I saw at Stonemountain & daughter that you can choose between about 10 different black knit fabrics there - isn't that awesome?
The knit fabrics with the dachshunds and the cars is from Europe, I bought it at Stoff & Stil last year (it is pretty lightweight).
The double rip fabric for the neckbands and the sleeves is from JoAnns too, I really like this quality, it works perfect for me!

If you give the pattern (and sewing with knits) a try, trust Rae when it comes to the neckband. Just follow her directions, it worked perfect for me (and I apply this method of calculating the neckband now to all my sewing with knits).

Have a perfect week,

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