Freitag, 11. August 2017

summer crush - playing with fabric

Rachel from stitched in color has a fun contest right now -
turn your summer crash into a fabric mosaic.

I am a "california girl" - for me, summer looks - or should look-  like Capitola. Or the Santa Cruz Broadwalk.

waves, water, drops, the sky. marine stripes
sand, beach, the pier, reading on the beach, tiny sea shells in the sand
colorful cottages, swim suites, making plans and to-do-list and bucket lists,and writing postcards, parasols and swim trunks and beach houses...

You think I got it?

Head over to Rachel to see other summer crushes, and to make your own mosaic. It's fun!
Much more fun than planning your semester. What I am supposed to do right now. Ugh. Summer when you teach. Back to work.