Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Did something like this ever happen to you?

Today, I was in San Francisco.

And I wanted to go to this oh so nice looking fabric shop over there.
Google told me, they would open at 11.30 am.
I arrived there at 11.25, put all my quarter in the meter and walked to there door.
There was a sign saying that Monday to Friday they open at 12.00. pm *sigh*
So I went down some blocks, bought an Ice Tea at Starbucks, and was back at 12.00 pm. Still closed.
I walked in the other direction, bought a Banana at a Grocery store and was back at 12.15. Still closed.
Meanwhile, my meter had expired, and I decided to give up and drive away.

I really wanted to like that shop, it looked cute, nice decorations, a lot of chidrens fabric.

Did something like this ever happened to you?
what would you do? Write an email to the owner telling her?
write a bad review in your blog or on google?
Forget about it?

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