Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012


I wanted to try a new dress pattern for girls, and as it was my son's elementary school graduation today, I made a new dress for my little daughter.
The name of the dress is "Lieblingskleidchen" (most favorite little dress) and I think, that is a good name for this dress, because:

it is really easy and quick to sew (it took me about one hour),
no buttons, no zippers, just bias tape (the only difficulty)
you can use fabric scraps or left overs - really small pieces,
it looks nicely and the pattern offers a lot of opportunities to mix and match fabrics

As for my daughter,
she loves that it is easy to put on and that is has a big pocket.
For example, you can put candies in there so that you have easy access to them:

(Yes, there was a lot of temptation to add some piping between joke and skirt, but I resisted. This was just a quick trial dress. This time I decided to go with woven ribbon.)

pattern: Lieblingskleidchen by Erbsenprinzessin
fabric: pink with tiny white dots: mode basics (?), black with birds: Stoff und Stil

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  1. Very cute! Ist es nicht teuer die deutschen Stöffchen zu "importieren"? Oder wie machst du das?