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how to use woven ribbon scraps to make cute tags

I sew Euro.
means: I have woven ribbons. 
Not some, but A LOT. A hole box full.

Everybody knows you can use them to embellish garments or bags made of woven fabric.

But did you know you can easily use them to make cute tags of the scratch, too?

I often do so, and it is such an easy, but nice detail...

You will need:

woven ribbon - at least 2 inches long.

First step: determine what ribbon you want to use to make your tag.
If you buy Euro fabric, often you will be able to find a coordinating woven ribbon. But you can really use any ribbon you want - just make sure it is washable. And don't iron it hot!
Like in this case with the Lillestoff fabric and the coordinating ribbon.

Determine what part of the ribbon you want to become the tag. It will be more or less square, so you will be able to see about 1/8 inch.
I decided to go with the little hedgehog:

Fold the ribbon so that your picture is close to the fold. 

The piece needs to be about 1 inch long (folded) or 2 inches unfolded, with your main picture on the left side of the middle fold:

Place your tag where you want it to be. I usually choose the left side seam oft the fabric, about 3-4 inches above the seam.
The fold will lay to the middle of the piece, the open ends of the woven ribbon on the sideline (important!), so right side on right side - you will se the backside of the tag!
Attach your tag to the fabric. You can just hold it in place, pin it in place, or glue it in place. After a long time doing this, I realized the easiest, safest and fastest option is to just STITCH it in place - just do a few stitches on the seam allowance:

The tag can't shift, no needle to ruin the knife of your serger, pretty fast:

now you can control if everything looks like you wanted it to if you clap the tag out:

Now stitch the seam as you would usually do. The tag will lay between the two layers of fabric you stitch together (invisible)

When you are finished, you created a cute little tag:
(As you can see, my hedgehog became a deer, I am sorry. I screwed up stitching the seam and had to replace the tag with a new one).

What I even like better about the deer than the hedgehog: it seems like the bunny and the deer are watching each other ;-)

Finish your garment / bag or whatever it is as you would do usually. Add your own label or more tags if you want to.


more examples for tags made of woven ribbon:

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