Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Hexagon pouch with (lace) zipper based on Moda honeycombs

Hexie-Pouch with lace zipper 
(honey comb pouch)

You will need:

  • 4 honey combs,2 for the outsides, 2 for lining, or 4 hexies in the size of your choice
  • 1 zipper
  • 1 piece of woven ribbon (about 7-10 inches)

If you don't have four hexies (honey combs)ready, start with making your own. If you bought a stack of honeycombs, they come with a clear plastic template that you can use:

the see through template will make it easy to make nice fussy cuts:

fold one of the hexies to have a cutting guide 

(straight through the middle:)

Cut two of the hexies in half - this will be the top and the lining of the top:

sew together along the cutting line, right sides togheter, 1/4 inch seam:


I used stylefix (as always...) to attach the zipper to the outside fabric, you can use wondertape or needles as well or just hold in place.
The lace zipper will be placed on the outside fabric.
Here the zipper is facing down(backside is visible) and the right side of the outside fabric is attached to the zipper, aligned: 

Attach the second prepared hexie-hafcut sandwich the same way:

Check from the right side: 

Now topstitch the zipper in place:

When both sides are done, check if you are able to open the zipper and leave it half open (important! do not close it!)

This is the lining: The zipper is on the outside of the outer fabric, not between both fabrics. 

Now take the remaining two fabrics, LEFT sides togheter: 

prepare your piece of woven ribbon, It shoud be about 7-10 inches long:

Fold it, and place it on top of the outside fabric, the fold is on the inner side of the fabric, the open ends are on the outside. Keep it in place with a needle so it doesn't shift.

Now place the other two hexies (the ones connected with the zipper) on top:

so everything is aligned. You now have: cutting mat, lining hexie, outside hexie, right side on top, ribbon, open ends outside the hexies, hexie-sandwich with zipper, right side facing down, lining hexie:

 make sure the zipper is open!

sew everything together. I used my serger here, but you can also sew a straight seam and then finish the edges with a zig-zag stitch:

turn the pouch outside out trough the zipper, use your fingers or a tool to poke the corners out.


Now you can use the pouch to put your head phones inside,for example.
Attach a ring...

.... and attach the zipper pouch to your fitness studio, so you will never ever again end up on the treadmill again realizing that you AGAIN forgot your headphones at home and need to go back to the counter to ask Rachael or Janelle if you can borrow their's....

(and don't forget to put the headphones back into the pouch after running. It will prevent them from getting tangled and it will prevent you from forgetting them...)

If you want to use a regular zipper instead, you only have to insert the zipper the usual way, the rest will be the same:

Sandwich the zipper between outside fabric, right side up, the zipper, facing the outside fabric, lining.
Sew in place, iron the fabric to away from the seam (but don't melt the zipper), place other side of the zipper on the fabric the same way

Topstitch the fabric in place, keeping the fabric layers away from the zipper

Leve the zipper open, attach woven ribbon (fold in the middle, open ends outside the pouch sew along the sides of the hexagon, finish edges:


fabric: Moda honeycombs (grey, white), the intrepid thread and pink chalk fabrics, Kokka echino (outside fabric), flower lining: Kate Spain, the intrepid thread
woven ribbon: Farbenmix, Tilda


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