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Tutorial: how to sew a reversible decorative flower pot

This is the English version of the tutorial. For the German version, please click here.

I love flowers, but I am horrible with potted plants. They see me and die.
So, I don't have any pot plants. But in spring I like to buy potted tulips and such. But I never have a nice decorative pot, and I am usually too stingy to pay the price for the plants that come in the nice pots. so I decided to sew decorative pots myself, using oilcloth or laminated cotton.

You will need
2 fabric squares 10 x 10 inch, for lining and outer fabric, so 4 squares in total.

Cut off a smaller square, 2 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch, from the lower two corners (if your fabric does have a direction, if not, it doesn't matter)

Your pieces will look like this now. Repeat for all four fabric squares.

Now draw a line, about 3/4 inch or 1 inch, from the upper fabric edge:

Take the fabric pieces that belong together, and lay them down, right sides facing each other, and stitch the sides and the bottom. Don't do anything with the upper edges.

I use my foot to line up my fabric, about 3/4 inch wide.
Using the walking foot, my machine has no problem at all sewing oilcloth or laminated cotton. If you don't have a walking foot, you might want to use a Teflon foot or attach some blue painting tape to the bottom of your foot (it is supposed to help, I don't know, I never tried).

Now stitch the opening on the bottom closed.
Line up the side seam and the bottom seam, they will meet in the middle, and stitch the edges closed.

Repeat with the other side.

Now, before turning the outside out, fold down the upper edge down on the line you draw before. Use your fingernails to create a real sharp crease.

Now turn the pouch outside out, and repeat all the previous steps with the other two fabric pieces, but don't turn the second pouch outside out, leave it, as it is.

Now put one of the pouches inside the other, you will only see the right sides, the wrong sides will be facing each other.

Finde the side seams, and align them
Make sure to fold your creases back  down, so the the seam allowances are hidden between the two layers of fabric / cloth.
Hold in place with a wonder clip, or a needle.

Repeat at the second side seam, and then go ahead and tuck all the seam allowances inside, folding the laminated cotton down at the crease. Use more clips to hold the fabric in place.

If you have a free arm machine, use your free arm now.
Sew together close to the upper edge.

I like to move my needle as far to the right side as possible.


You can fold down the upper edge for about an inch, so you can see the inside fabric on the outside, or leave the pouch as it is. Use it to wrap up a flower as a present, or keep it yourself

I gave it a try and poured  4 ounces of water inside the pot. After about 45 minutes, a few drops did soak through. I wouldn't  use it as a vase, but it should easily hold up some spray water.

Of course, you don't need to use it as a decorative flower pot, it is great to put in any kind of stuff, as it stands up by its own.

If you want to change the measurements, or if you have to:
the square you cut out at the bottom should measure approximately 1/4 of the large square.

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  1. Love your little flower pot. Perfect to brighten a room and a pot of spring flowers.