Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

A last christmas, I mean: New Years present

each saturday, my dear coworker Otti drives me to school where we teach german.

Last time, she told me that after fracturing her arm bone, she still often has pain in it when the weather is cold or changing.

That reminded me off my beloved arm warmers, I bought 5 years ago, and which I still love and wear.
And so I made her a pair too:

grey wool felt,warming and comfy, and nice, Downton Abbey like details...

I hope she will like them.

Dont forget: the In your words blog hop begins on Monday (and I will be participating on January 16th - last, but not least, I hope *g*)

and on Sunday, January 6th, the new season of Downton Abbey starts at 9pm PST. I am so excited!

and I am going to participate in the

me and knitting? Oh my! But I will make it, I hope.

I choose the

(available here)

I hope it really is easy enough to me. I still have to buy wool and needles.

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