Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Tammy Bag Blog hop - first day

So, today is the first day of the Tammy bag blog hop.

Madam Samm herself is cheering this time - for a good reason, she developed the pattern herself.
Who ever tried to make a tiny tutorial for something knows that it is much more complicated and painful and time consuming than one would ever think - all the pictures one has to take, all the texts one has to write...
So thank you very much for doing this for us.

Disclaimer: All the faults I made and that you will see here have nothing to do with the pdf-pattern, they are all my personal addition and invention. Learn from my faults :-)

So, I finished my Tammy bag early - three weeks ago.
But: I had only two sorts of purse frames: 6 inches wide to glue or 5.5 inch wide to sew in.
Problem: the patten said to sew in a 6 inch wide frame.

So I researched the Internet and some link suggested Gorilla Pod.
It was not the best idea to try to glue a purse in a frame at 1:00 am, but I was eager to finish my project.
Guess what?

I threw the frame in the waste, I tried everything to get the Gorilla of my hands (hard job) and the purse now looks like this:

Totally stained

and it became so stiff it brakes


I threw everything in the corner and went to bed.

It took my some days to recover, but I eventually did. Found out, that there is special fabric glue one should use to glue the fabric into the purse frame.
I ordered some, but guess what? Not here yet.

So I had to come up with a different approach:
Adjust the pattern so it fits in a 5.5 inch purse frame. 
As these frames seem to be easier to buy than the 6 inches one (they even carry 5.5 inches at my JoAnns) , this might be interesting to others too:

To keep the shape of the Tammy bag, I made what I do when I need to narrow clothing:

Take the pattern piece for the front (and back) side of the Tammy, fold in half and mark a line 1/4 inch apart from the fold.

Now fold your fabric so that it has a fold and lay your pattern piece so on the fold, that the 1/4 inch line lays over the fold. Cut out two pieces this way.

You have to adjust the piece for the pockets the same way.

Now you can sew on as directed in the pattern.

 So, did it work?

Yes, it did!

I present my now 5.5 inch wide Tammy bag:



It would be fun to see if you can guess what will be in a purse saying "keep calm and aks mom"
but I will tell you anyway:

My mobile pharmacy.

I am a mom of four, I carry around the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment in my big, heavy mommy bag, and of course I know it is never a good idea to leave the house without the things a mom, because if you do, you would have needed them.

So, what is inside?
That depends a little bit on the season, but for sure
hand creme
allergy medicament
antibiotic ointment
anti stich ointment
Advil ( I bought a travel pack once and refill it now)
lip balm
my super-power german migraine pill
band aid
tooth cleaner
something for the ladies
diaper rush cream

There should be on top:
motion sickness treatment (two of my kids suffer from it - no fun!)
and for the sumemr sun protection.

I used the two outer pockets for more band aids and scissors. One always needs scissors :-)
And for toddlers, band aids have some kind of magic power...
These cute ones are from JoAnns (register area), 20 pieces for 1 Dollar (You might even use a coupon *g*)

and of course, they fit totally in, this was just for the picture.

 I think a bag like this would be a very nice present for a baby shower too - put in some more child related stuff (Childrens Advil, Diaper rush creme, saline nasal drops,  a pacifier, some wipes, wick vapor up for babies, a rattle) and the new mom will for sure have use for it.
Or give it to a bride with all the things she will need for her honeymoon *g*

So, I wanna thank Madame Samm for the organization and for giving us this wonderful pattern for free.

Please visit the other awesome ladies on the schedule for today too:

thegermanmom.blogspot.com <------ you are here








and come back the other days too!
You might even win a price :-)

And I have a give away, too:
I will give away 1 frame of my shop (look at the right side), you choose - 6 inches to glue, 5.5 inches to sew, with or without beads
and enough fabric to make your own Tammy bag - or another purse frame bag.

To win, please tell me which frame you want to win and what color you would like to have for you purse and the lining.
And if you want this embroidery (ask mom...) on your piece, too, please tell me so (and the color).

thanks for stopping by,
have fun!

pattern: The Tammy project bag
Fabric; linnen: JoAnns, lining: happy mochi yum yum (Lecien)
embroidery file: free gift for mother's day (THANKS A LOT)


  1. Hang in there - You can do it !!!!!

  2. Don't worry - we will be back by! :)

  3. You did it !!!- so sorry about the glue but you came through it all with a darling bag - time to relax & enjoy the hop!

  4. I love your bag! I am so glad you wre able to get it finished! Great job.

  5. What a clever use for your Tammy bag! Thank you for sharing and the great giveaway.

  6. Such great words you used for your Tammy. Lovely. Thanks for sharing

  7. Haha! Well, you're not the only one who had to make one bag more. ;) This one looks beautiful! It was worth it! :D
    Oh en I love your purseframes with those big beads, especially the one with black, beautiful!

  8. What a super idea for this purse. Thanks for sharing. I like the words on it too. But as I am not a mom, 'me' instead of mom would do.
    And I love the purseframes with the big beads, specially the red or black ones.

  9. Your bag is beautiful and thank you for sharing your work. I love the purse frames with the big beads and my favorite is red.
    Thank you for sharing and being part of this hop

  10. You did well inspite of all your trouble :-) This bag turned out nicely.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. By the way, you forgot to put me on your list for today. I'm at the bottom... :-)

  12. Tina. Love the bag and especially the "Keep Calm and Ask Mom" on the front. Had just such an emergency from my 27 year old daughter yesterday, living 600 miles away. She had to call mom to get help with a dilemma. So, your bag is perfect for moms of every age children! Thanks for sharing!

  13. How cute ! Sure I would love to have the embroidery on pink and pink , 6" with the beads. It would be a perfect gift for my daughter who has 4 girls !

    1. Psst. Your word verification is still on.

  14. Hallo Tina, soll ich dir Pillen-Nachschub schicken? Werde dir auf ewig für den Tipp dankbar sein. Gewinnen möchte ich auch. Such du was aus, bitte, Stickerei natürlich auch - alles nach der Methode: Keep calm ask Tina!
    Kind ist auf Klassenreise und der von dir gestickte Anhänger mußte unbedingt an den neuen Rucksack!
    Drück Dich! Christiane

    1. Ich glaub ich möchte lieber nähen als kleben, hab ich den Unterschied richtig verstanden?

  15. Bravo to you for winning that war! Your bag is just too cute! Love the embroidery!

    I would choose the frame with the turquoise balls. Love that color!

  16. Great job on the bag! I like the 5.5" frame without the beads. Great giveaway.

  17. What a rough start. so glad you tried again. Great idea using it for a mini first aid kit.

  18. You did a wonderful job on your "Tammy" love the embroidery on it and these can be used for so many things. I love the 5.5 frame without beads.....

  19. Wow! You did well and even made it up yourself to fit! It looks great and is so handy. I need a first aid kit too and it is on my todo list.Great job!

  20. Your Mommy bag is wonderful and I can see uses for myself too. Thanks for showing us your problem areas too.... I learn more from those than from perfect from start to finish projects!

  21. you did a wonderful job on it!! If I was so lucky; I would choose the frame to sew and the same colors as yours...I just love it!

  22. I'm glad it worked out in the end. I would love a 5.5 frame with purple beads and purple and white fabrics to make my own bag!

  23. ahhh Tina....now this is a bag every MUMM needs....I just love seeing what different countries has....thanks for the view, and your bag is amazing with the stitching

  24. Your purse and the phrase "Keep Calm and Ask Mom" on the front are perfect. Nicely done. Jane

  25. Tina,I love your Mumm Tammy, what a sweet idea and I love the quote! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thank you for shareing with us today. I love . the idea of the baby shower bag. And it does make a good first aid bag also. I really like the sew in frame. And I love the ones with the bead. I am really loveing the colors Aqua and or grey at the moment. I am proud of you for showing your failure with the glue on the first Tammy Bag. That is the kind of oopsies I have had before too. And it allways happens to me late late at night.When I try to rush to finish things. I am learning to slow down and wait for antother day. And it has helped me quiet a bit. Thank youf ro the chanc eot enter yoru giveaway.

  27. I am glad that you persevered and got your bag finished after that "oh oh" at the start. Good hints to adjust the pattern. I certainly had no clue that there were two different types, glue in or sew-in and it was special glue! I love the curved shaped one with the red beads as that probably would have been easier to deal with the corners, shaping them in. Tagging your etsy store though I thank you for the opportunity for your giveaway.

    Love the idea of the Mom bag too. Our house with six kids, growing my mom's thing was always "put some ice on it" and "gargle with hot salt water". Keep calm and ask mom would have worked too!

  28. Great job Tina, luv the embroidery. I know I will not stop with one Tammy bag. I've not tried the glue type frames...I think I will stick with the sew in frame. They are not the easiest to stitch but I love the finished look. I too had to adjust the pattern but it worked out perfect...I'm now working on another one. Thanks for sharing!! Happy stitching, Pauline

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  30. I'm so sorry you had so much trouble! Your bag is cute--I love the embroidery. I would prefer a frame to sew. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Rosemary B: Oh very very cute and just perfect!
    wonderful photos...
    Thank you for sharing your creative idea!
    I like the 5.5 inch frames
    Thank you so much for sharing your giveaway too.
    How generous and wonderful
    I love all bright fabrics!

  32. Your little Mom Doctor Kit is so cute and handy for any young mom!

  33. Cute, cute bag...what a great idea for all those emergency items! I like the idea of giving it as a baby shower gift, too. Thanks for hopping with us!

  34. Your spin on the Tammy bag is brilliant! So sorry about all the issues you had at first but thank you for persevering and creating a fantastic bag.
    I personally like the sew in frames, a lot more forgiving ;D
    Danke for the chance :)

  35. I like the 5.5 with the red pearls:)
    Great bag! I am glad to know thateveryone is not perfect:) You did an awesome design decision:)

  36. We call those mistakes/problems "design opportunities" and they force us to be creative, don't they? Well done that you still made a great bag in spite of your problems with the first one. I have not tried gluing a frame yet, but have sewn several, so I prefer sewing the frame in. At least if you goof, you can take it apart and try again...which is what happened to me as I had a too large frame at first.

  37. I love your creativity and the way you overcame the problem. And what a great idea for a medicine bag! Mom's always have everything in their purse so why not have a pretty way to carry it. blessings, marlene

  38. Love your bag! I didn't even think to embroider on them. I like the 5" frames in the pearlized teal or pink colors. Thanks for participating in the hop!!!

  39. I so need a mommy bag, what a great idea! My children suffer from motion sickness too, such a sad thing, I always have to pack extra clothes even if it is just a 15 minute drive to the next town.

  40. Your Bag turned out so cute! I know what you mean about being a mom and having to carry all types of things for kids. Great job.

  41. I really like your bag. Thanks for also showing the one that failed. Makes me feel better to know others have problems. I like the red bead fram and the embroidery. Thanks.

  42. I think you bag is adorable. I like the idea of using it as a go along first aid kit. Everyone needs one, especially if you have children. If I win, I would like one like yours. Thank you

  43. I love the saying on your bag. I too carry around everything that the whole family might need and they always are looking at me when they need it! They wonder why my purse is so heavy. If I would win, I would sew in the frame and one like yours would be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  44. You did it!! I have tossed many things into the trash too! But yours turned out wonderful! It is so cute! Way to stick in there.

  45. I always use Gutermann textile glue for glue-in purse frames and haven't had any problems so far.

    You did a wonderful job on adapting your pattern.

    Have never used a sew-in purse frame so would probably go for that and as for colour, has to be purple :)

  46. I love your purse! I'm so glad it all worked out in the end!
    I love the frame with the red beads!!

  47. Good job on your purse! You persevered and that's awesome, much better than what I would have done. :-)

  48. You deserve a prize for your determination! Nice work!

  49. Love the bag. I prefer the sew-on frame in red. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a special friend. Thanks for sharing.

  50. You know what, I had the same problems and I also had to change some important things, and now, it works! Just keep on !

  51. Great finish. Moms are so important in the lives of children. Thank you for a chance at the sweet giveaway. I think I would like to try the rectangle sew in no beads. Surprise me with the color:) Janita

  52. Wonderful project! I'm so glad it worked out! Love the embroidered saying...cute! I like the beaded sew in frame in red. thanks!

  53. It`s very cute and love the idea ti give it as a baby shower.

  54. I Love the saying you embroidered on the bag ! Very cute !

  55. Love your bag! I would want the sew in frame and I like pastels, pinks, blues, greens, yellows but all in light shades. I would not want the embrodiery, my babes are beyond this stage!

  56. Hi Tina.
    Ende gut Alles gut! Deine Tasche ist super geworden, und ich finde die Idee ganz hervorragend ihn als erste Hilfe Tasche zu verwenden.
    Wenn ich Glück habe bei deiner Verlosung würde ich mir auch den Spruch wünschen, die Farbwahl möchte ich dir überlassen. Ich kann gar nicht gut mit Kleber umgehen, deshalb finde ich die Bügel zum annähen am Besten.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüsse

  57. What a lovely bag and great idea for out and about with little ones. As a migraine person, what is your super german migraine pill? I am willing to try anything to stop them! Thanks for sharing.

  58. I love this bag! If I won, the colors I would pick are purple and silver with purple beads and the embroidery you used. I have never made a bag before, so I pick the 5.5 frame. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. I like your bag, is so cute. I would like the frame with the red beads and for fabric something that would go with the red beads and I do not need the embroidery. Thank you!!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  60. I do so like yourbag. You did a great job. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  61. Just love what a creative little mobile pharmacy you have! I would love your pattern!

  62. Your 'pharmacy' bag is very creative and just what every Mom needs! So sad that your first one got ruined by the glue but we can all learn from that. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  63. Sorry you had such a hard time but your bag looks terrific. I like the 5.5 frame. Love your fabric too!

  64. Sewing in a frame was new to me too. I was not aware that a glue in frame existed. Guess it's a good thing. All in all, we have learned thru you, and your end project is perfect! Great job.

  65. Love your bag!! I would like to win the 5" frame, gray and yellow,and would love to have keep calm and ask mom on it.

  66. Tina-Love your bag but in your case it's a "Mommy Bag!" Thanks for detailing all your work(frustrations). I know your pain as it is familiar when attempting new things. Have you been to the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa? If you are a Charley Brown fan or aficionado of any of the Peanuts characters, you will really enjoy it and they have an outdoor playground with lots of fun stuff for kids. Another fun place is the Disney Family Museum, but bring your own lunch as the cafe there is expensive and not all that great, but don't forget to pay for parking. We were lucky to visit on a "postcard" day and also enjoyed Crissy Field and watched the boats go in and out of the bay. From NoCA, thanks for sharing.

  67. Glad you didn't give up. Your purse is very pretty! Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with us. I like the sew-in frame without the bead ... as far a fabric colors ... BRIGHT colors.

  68. Love all the different ideas for bag uses. I can see where this is a great bag for just about anything.
    I would love the 5 inch antique bronze purse frame with blue balls and I love florals, blue with black edging would look cute.

  69. Great ideas and a great bag. I would love the 5 inch purse fame with the red balls and love any fabric you have.

  70. Ooooooh!!! would love the 5" frame....think paisley fabrics would be grrrreat.....love blues & greens! (but will love any you send!)

  71. Cute bag! I like this frame from your shop:

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  72. Very cute. Thanks for the tut on making the pattern a bit smaller.

  73. Very nice bag and thanks for demonstrating how to alter the size. Great idea using Tammy for a small medical kit.