Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

Do you know these days?

when everything you try goes wrong?

I had such a day yesterday.
I agreed to do some machine embroidery file testing. So I copied a dress pattern for my daughter. Cutting it from the fabric, I already wondered that it seemed very big.
Turned out that I cut out the size 3-4 instead of the size 2. Umpf.

Then I wanted to fast (notice the word fast here) two (no, not one, two!) cuddly horses for a friend returning to Germany tomorrow. Because he is my Mr. Postman.
At 1.40 am I gave up. I just wasn't able to attach the legs properly to the first horse.

So, he went home with no horse, and I now have to try to fix the issue with the dress, and I have a nearly finished horse to fix, and an other already cut horse lying around. And I still have to test 3 of the embroidery files, as each single one takes about one hour to stitch. Sigh.

And then a friend of mine sent me this picture on my FB Wall.
Is she trying to say something to me????

And would anybody like to see a picture of my sewing niche, how it looked like last night? Or myself at 1.30 am shortly before I gave up? No?

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