Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

not that I ever finished the first quilt I started joining a quilt along...

... *sigh*

I screwed so up with my calculations, that after one year, there are still 3 or so blogs missing.
Can't bring myself to finish it....

But - it's my daughters second birthday this months, and I want to make her a doll quilt because she always uses my kitchen towels to wrap her "babies" (dolls).

So, can't be this hard to finish a tiny doll quilt, measuring about 20 x 30 inches, can it?

Count me in, I am joining this quilt along:

I hope I will finish it in time this year.
And THEN, when  I am done with this one, I gonna finish the "across the sea" quilt I started last year.

I already made 5 blogs today, this is so much fun!

all the memories coming up working with this fabrics....

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