Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

I just couldn't stop...

... and went on until midnight.

This is my favorite arrangement for the blogs. I think.

the good thing about it: I am done. I don't need more blogs for the doll quilt.

the bad thing about it: I am done. It was so much fun, I would love to go on.

I followed the suggestion and made fussy cuts for the middle:

Farbenmix: Eulenreigen (corduroy)

Monica Lee: Now we are goin places

Riley Blake: Hoos in the forest

Farbenmix: Flora Fox

Farenmix Flipies

Kate Spain: Terrain

fortune cookie from a San Francisco fabric 

I already now which fabric I will use for the back, I have some Anna Maria Little Folks flannel left ( from my daughters receiving blanket). So I gonna have a head start :-)

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