Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Recycling and re-use

My husband is pretty tall. He wears Jeans size 38/34.
That's a lot of fabric *g*

So when he gave me two old jeans of his (broken between the legs beyond repair...)

I decided to make a new pair of jeans for my daughter with it.

I thought I could use one of the (still unused) patterns on my shelf and took this one: Kleine Klamotte by Farbenmix (not available in english).

After tracing the pants, I noticed that there was still a lot of fabric left, and with some twists, I was even able to trace the whole shirt! Wow - 1 jeans = 1 new jeans AND a shirt!

It looked like a massacre:

but I ended up with a nice pile of pieces:

As I tent to loose pieces while sewing, I started to stuck them into ziplock bags:

I started with the shirt, and it is not finished yet

(partly because I made some pretty silly things while sewing... Of course you can see my error!)

partly because I am always working on three projects at a time..

But I hope I will be done soon.


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