Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Lieblingskleidchen und Jospia / Favorite little dress and Josipa bag

This week, I sewed some stuff for a charity auction on Facebook. It runs until midnight March 31, so in case you want to check it out, here is the link to join the group: Betsy Button

I've never done this before, and actually, the longer I sew, the more the thought of making something that is sold to somebody freaks me out. Because my stuff ist never perfect in my eyes. One of the reasons I stop sewing for myself.

After the Lisann skirt went terribly wrong, I decided to go with something safe and made little favourite dress (Lieblingskleidchen) bei Erbsenprinzessin. In size 5T, so in case it wouldn't sell, I could give it to my daughter.

I love this pattern to pieces. I made several of these dresses for Baby Tessa, and as 5T is the largest size available, I will have to make one for her, too, for the last time.

I choose the shopkins fabric because there was some demand for shopkins articles.

The worst part about it: Tessa had a major melt down because she wanted to keep it.

The other article I stitched up is a Jospipa bag made with the pattern by Gretelies. I can't tell exactly how many of these bags I made, maybe 10 or more. I love them for little girls, because they look the cute with the curvy flap, and the pattern is great for fabric combinations. Again, used a shopkins fabric.

This sewing left me exhausted, and I am super happy to have a project for me coming up. I desperately need a new every day tote.
I even ordered some new fabric for it, because I felt the need to reward myself.

After me being on spring break last week, and my kids being on spring break this week, I am very happy to go back to our usual routine next week (hopefully), I I plan to sneak in an hour of sewing every day. Hope it will work out!

have a great weekend,

Lieblingskleidchen / little favorite dress: Erbsenprinzessin
Josipa: by Gretelies

fabric: JoAnns 
ribbon: Farbenmix
cute pink polka dot hardware for bag: Daiso Japan

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