Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

the cottage mama daphne wrap dress - run and play!

Yes, it was some weeks ago I finished this dress, but I didn't find time earlier to blog about it.

I had the option to get the pattern either as a paper pattern or as pdf - and I opted for the paper pattern. Usually, I work mostly with pdfs, but I truly enjoyed that I didn't have to print out, glue together and cut out. Instead, I just needed to copy (using freezer paper). The instructions come as a handy color printed brochure. Loved it.

I decided to make a completely reversible dress - might in come handy in case of stains on the go.

The pattern is super easy and fast to sew up, and because all of the seems are hidden in the two fabric layers, there isn't even any need to finish the seems. Awesome pattern for everybody who is starting to sew garments and / or doesn't have a (working) serger.

So, here are some  (lol) pictures of my daughter in the dress:

I just the last rest of my Kaufman yarn dyed essex in black for the dress, and some Riley Blake print for the other side. The unicorn is an old application kit sold by FARBENMIX years ago.
all of the ribbons are form Farbenmix as well, the pink lacey trim is by Riley Blake.

I really like how the dress turned out - and it is possible to wear it as it is now (up to 90 degrees in the bay area now) and later with an undershirt, leggings and boots in fall / winter.

pattern: the cottage mama - daphne wrap dress

want to see more awesome denim cloths for kids - follow the link to round 3 of the project run and play sew along!


  1. This is so fun! Two beautiful options in one...very clever:)

  2. This is adorable Tina! I love that it's reversible. I'm sure my little one would like one as well. :) She's all dresses...... even though she doesn't complain if I choose leggings under her tunic (which she thinks is a dress). :)

  3. What a fun dress! I love that it's reversible!

  4. This is so super cute. Id put my kid in that ANY day!'