Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Tea collection wrap dress knock off

I do love the style of tea collection.

If I would have the money, my youngest would wear the whole collection. Unfortunately, she is the youngest of four, so I am not able to spend 30 Dollars on a tiny dress in size 2. Especially as she herself doesn't care if she wears some stylish brand or Walmart or Thrift store. So no excuses to buy expensive stuff :-(
My favorite dress is the wrap dress. If available, I would buy it in my size, too.

Then I found a pattern on the Internet. And thought: That... could be it...

I had to make some alterations, and I am not done yet, but have a look:

La piece de resistance:

and my knock off:

next time I gonna make the neckband wider, and I think, then I will be where I want to be :-)
Next time I will have a look around for some tea collection style fabric too. I know I already have some in my washer room.

pattern: Lieblingstunika (favorite tunic), only available in german
fabric: German interlock


  1. your wee model is absolutely your sewing garments too

  2. What a cute girl and dress! Love your version. :)

  3. so beautiful! I too love Tea Collection and would to imitate their great style. Would the pattern be "do-able" for a non-German speaker, much like the Japanese pattern books are do-able b/c of their great diagrams? Would love to give it a try!

  4. cute!!!! totally doesn't look like a knock off :) and also, that elephant fabric is amazing!