Montag, 5. November 2012

I didn't make anything for halloween.

I mean, I did not sew anything for Halloween.
It was just not important enough for me to use my rare time to make a costume for one day....

But I made a handmade birthday gift today, for a friend of my daughter's:

Pouch with Zipper, the pattern is Lieselotte Hoppenstedt by Farbenmix, the main fabric is Tula Pink turtle bay olive (Prince Charming).
The woven ribbon is by Farbenmix, too,
and the name is embroidered by machine (I love my embroidery machine!)

And as a dear coworker, who is always carsharing with me, had her birthday saturday, I gave her a zipper pouch to and inside was a large shopping bag - we will have the new law charging for paperbags in January, too (finally!!!) so I think she might have good use of it.

these are two wonderful Lecien fabrics (Isso ecco series), the same great linen/cotton quality as Kokka fabric, and you get the prints for about 6.50 Dollar now - a yard!
I ordered mine in this etsy shop - it was here after two days only, and every request of mine (more? even more?) was answered in instants....

Have a great week,

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  1. I stumbled across your blog Pinterest.. I am admiring your little personalised bags. what kind of embroidery machine do u have?